Ashe Plantation

All tenures should be for 2 years.


MEMBER - a neighbor shall be considered an APHOA member if they own property in the neighborhood, or are a resident, and they pay voluntary annual dues.

Membership Dues Chair

Have Care Package containing a welcome note, information on neighborhood dues, Website information.

Let the new homeowners know, you are there to answer questions and provide information about the community as well as Ashe Plantation.

As a Membership Dues Committees Chair, you will meet with the HOA Board for the history of Ashe Plantation.

Have your list of social events for Ashe Plantation.

Let them know why we have dues of $100.00 per year. (We prorate dues). Our fiscal year starts January 1, and goes thru December 31.

List from Treasurer of unpaid dues, touch base with homeowner encourage them to pay dues.

Return Copies of information to HOA Treasurer and President.

Attend Board meetings from time to time with updates.

Membership Due Chair can get volunteers from the homeowners for the Membership team.                                              


Outgoing person.

Attend APHOA meetings.

Social committee news for upcoming events, work with President.
Write brief summary of social events for flyers & website.

Neighborhood Social Events.

Purpose: To promote community wide activities of the community such as Garage Sale, Halloween Party, Fourth of July Pool Party, Holiday Caroling Party, Community Decorating, Potluck Dinners, Recreational Sporting Events, etc. This is great way for families with children to feel a part of the neighborhood and getting to know other family with children.

Make phone calls asking neighbors if they will host an event,(the host only needs to host the event no cost to the host). The social committee will put the event together.

Call your social team, have meeting with social team.

Prepare a social calendar for the events for one year.

Send the info from the new homeowners to the president

Estimated time commitment per month: 2 hours a month when you have events. Remember you have a team.

The social is a fun job. You will get to know many neighbors and have parties and be a part of a fun neighborhood. The social chair can get volunteers from the homeowners to help with the social team.

Each board & committee shall receive complaints from any member (that have paid dues) on any matter involving HOA functions, duties & actives within its field of board or committee. If it is not in your job description then refer them to such other committee or officers. (Bylaws p. 4 article VIII sec.).




  • Record minutes of all board meetings and annual general meeting.
  • Vote on issues presented to or by the board.
  • Act in best interest of APHOA.
  • Record, type and archive minutes of meeting, send to APHOA President within seven days of meeting. President will send to board and committee members.
  • Keep records to pass on.
  • Vote on issues presented to or by the board.

Membership Dues Committee

What is a Membership Dues Committee?

Reiterating the positive impression made by a gracious Membership Dues Committee, the most important time to make contact with residents is when they're first moving in. Have a team of home owners reach out to new owners. That's when they're the most anxious to feel a part of their community. That's the best time to tap them for involvement. Give them a positive first impression of the neighborhood, the board and a reason to pay dues. A Membership committee is a great way to achieve that.

The new homeowners feel welcome and will want to be involved and know that the dues support this wonderful neighborhood in Ashe Plantation.

Membership Dues Committee present new association members with a care package containing fresh fruit or home-baked treats, helpful money-saving coupon books, and lots of good information about the area, like where the nearest stores are, important contact numbers, and so forth.

Setting the tone:  A Membership Committee can speak volumes about the board's desire to connect and get participation from other members. By taking the first step, the message is, "We value and encourage your participation in your community." It is a message that effective leaders deliver consistently. Even if the new arrival doesn't choose to participate on the committee, the public relations help garner support for the board that is useful when controversial issues arises.



  • Stay on top of our income (dues).
  • Send e-mails out with dues notices, make phone calls asking for dues, stop by to meet the new homeowners to welcome them with HOA information and get their information.
  • Attend Town Hall Meetings as well as a few other meetings that may affect our neighborhood.
  • Set Agenda and Facilitate Board and Annual HOA meeting (if we have one).
  • Ensure compliance to By-Laws.
  • Responsible for ensuring a successful transition plan for Board of Directors.
  • Ensure officers Stay within their job description.
  • Responsible for ensuring all board positions and committee positions are filled.
  • Responsible to the membership for stewardship of Ashe Plantation HOA. Work with all board and committee members if they need help with their job description to ensure jobs are carried out in a timely manner.
  • Send new homeowners info and changes in current homeowner members’ information to Treasurer for directory for updates.
  • Appoint members to vacant positions.
  • Send out updates to members.
  • Posting on website goes through the president then to web-master, to ensure that members are up to date with dues and information.


  • Assist President in the running of APHOA as directed by the President.
  • Act as an adviser to President on any issues discussed at APHOA board meeting.
  • In the event the President shall resign be prepared to take over President's Duties.
  • Ensure along with President the compliance of Bylaws & Job Descriptions updates if needed. If secretary cannot make the board meeting, take notes for board member.
  • Review Bylaws & Jobs as indicated by the President & respectfully present any proposed changes that are in best interest of the APHOA.
  • Vote on issues presented to or by the board.

Financial Officer (Treasurer)

  • Make trips to post office periodically during the year to collect the dues.
  • Record the payments on pc and produce a hard copy.
  • Endorse the checks, prepare the deposit slip and take to the bank.
  • Do on line banking for payments.
  • Receive bills from various sources during the month and issue payments with on line banking.
  • Review monthly bank statement.
  • Prepare financial statements and update monthly.
  • E-mail the President of Ashe Plantation monthly updates.
  • Keep a roster of all homeowners, keep records of paid members and unpaid households and always remove homeowners that have moved and add in the new homeowner name with the address. (Copy to president)
  • Mail out three notices for dues per year (Jan, April and July) to unpaid homeowners.
  • Make phone calls from time to time as a reminder of dues.
  • Mail or drop off a note (about dues) to new families that have moved into Ashe Plantation about being a member as we are a volunteer organization.
  • Work with the president on annual budget for the HOA.
  • Vote on issues presented to or by the board.

HOA Board and Committee Job Descriptions