Why we need dues and how to pay.

The purpose of the Association is to maintain and enhance the value of our homes and to develop a sense of community.

Annual dues are $100.00 per year due by January 31st each year. This is the amount necessary to keep up the front entrance, utilities, paint and other repairs, in addition to a few community events only if we have the money. We do not perform the activity if we are short on funds for the front entrance.

 Without the support of an association, it would not take long for the neighborhood to lose its appeal.  Anyone that has lived in a neighborhood without an association has surely noted how slowly home values rise, and how difficult it is to sell a home when the entrance grass is overgrown with an entrance sign/fence which needs painting.  This association through the help of paying members, has kept the entrance mowed, painted, and new pine needles spread. Trees and plants have been replaced, grass seeded, front entrance aerated and fertilized, and a beautiful sign put in place.  All of this takes effort, planning, and association dues to make it happen.

Please mail or use your online banking to the address below.  If a phone number is required, please use Debra Sturdivant, Treasurer, 704-573-7724

Ashe Plantation HOA
P.O. BOX 23005
Charlotte, NC 28227

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