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Thank you to all who attended our 2018 Annual HOA Meeting!


Thank you to all neighbors who came out and expressed their thoughts and opinions. 

We discussed proposed park bonds, neighborhood and 2018 speeding, our budget, upcoming events and more.

Tony Nelson, Donnie Hall, Emily Adams, and Lindsey deBuhr

Ashe Plantation

June 22nd 2015

Water update:

Dear Ashe Plantation Homeowners,

We are happy to report that Charlotte City Council approved purchase of these private water systems last night for Ashe Plantation along with two other HOA’s.  Pending approval by the N.C. Public Utilities Commission and with coordination with Aqua North Carolina, Charlotte Water will be moving forward to incorporate them into the public system.

Thanks to all,

HOA Board

Neighborhood water update


Hello Sharon, 

Sorry for the delayed reply but I was out of state for a week or so on vacation until today. Aqua is moving forward in applying for approval with the NC Utility Commission.They sent me the application for the Commission while I was out and I’m getting it signed for them.   

At this point it is up to the Commission staff to work out their schedule but it hasn’t taken them very long in the past. I still think we’re about the first of the year to be building the water line to Ashe Plantation.   

I’ll let you know as soon as I get a little more detail.




On behalf of the newly minted Ashe Plantation Home Owner's Association Board of Directors, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite every home owner in Ashe Plantation to a community meeting on October 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

This will be the annual meeting of the APHOA, and we want the agenda and dialogue to be open. We are all new to the Board and are anxious to hear from you to discuss and advise on the issues most important to you. Every home owner will have a voice in this meeting, whether a contributor to the voluntary HOA dues or not. We are aware that everyone's schedules are very busy, so we plan to keep you updated on pertinent information and meet no more than necessary. We believe in the importance of bringing value to our neighborhood, and desire your input to maximize that value.
To help us get a headcount and prepare, you can RSVP and submit topics for consideration here:

The meeting will be held in the John M. McEwen Assembly Room in the Mint Hill Town Hall. The address is 4430 Mint Hill Village Lane (behind CharBar 7).         

Some of the topics that we already plan to touch on are:

 - The Ashe Plantation website

 - Updating/Revising the By-Laws and Covenants

 - Impact of the proposed athletic fields off Brief Rd
Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to seeing everyone on October 18th.


Tony Nelson, Donnie Hall, Emily Adams, and Lindsey deBuhr