June 22nd 2015

Water update:

Dear Ashe Plantation Homeowners,

We are happy to report that Charlotte City Council approved purchase of these private water systems last night for Ashe Plantation along with two other HOA’s.  Pending approval by the N.C. Public Utilities Commission and with coordination with Aqua North Carolina, Charlotte Water will be moving forward to incorporate them into the public system.

Thanks to all,

HOA Board,

Sharon Decker, President



John Trautman, Vic President



Ed Simmons, Treasurer



Jill Austin, Secretary

Neighborhood water update


Hello Sharon, 

Sorry for the delayed reply but I was out of state for a week or so on vacation until today. Aqua is moving forward in applying for approval with the NC Utility Commission.They sent me the application for the Commission while I was out and I’m getting it signed for them.   

At this point it is up to the Commission staff to work out their schedule but it hasn’t taken them very long in the past. I still think we’re about the first of the year to be building the water line to Ashe Plantation.   

I’ll let you know as soon as I get a little more detail.